Tree Pruning
& Shaping

Effective pruning is a skilled job that can be of great benefit to many species of trees. We carry out all our tree pruning to the British Standard Tree Work Recommendations. Our pruning services cater for domestic and commercial requirements.

Our arborists have vast experience working on trees of all sizes and are well versed in carefully selecting the right branches to remove in order to encourage a natural form. Trees can be formatively pruned from a young age to help encourage their best possible form later on in life. Trees can be pruned for a number of reasons, for example, to allow natural light through, to reduce heavy loads on limbs susceptible to failure, or simply to clean the tree’s crown of any dead/dying branches. 

We can offer advice on the best course of action to take on any given species, including our recommendations for the best time of year to prune them. 

Based in Amersham, we are well placed to serve the county of Buckinghamshire and beyond with our professional tree surgery services.