Hedge Cutting
& Trimming

Quill Hall Arboriculture Limited provides hedge cutting and trimming to both private and commercial landowners regardless of how small or large your hedge trimming job is. Our team can provide the services you need with immediate expert attention.

Light hedge trimming or shrub maintenance can be carried out at most times of the year dependent on species. For hedges that require heavier reductions, we are committed to following current legislation protecting wildlife, or more specifically nesting birds. A thorough inspection of any hedge is carried out prior to any cutting to ensure no wildlife is present. In some cases where the hedge is too dense for an accurate assessment, works will be carried out during a more appropriate season outside of nesting time. 

Our hedge cutting service covers everything from annual trims to height reductions of the notorious Leylandii hedge, and restorations of traditional English hedging. The variety of hedging will largely dictate how heavily they can be pruned, and with what degree of success. One of our arborists will assess your needs during a site visit and provide you with the appropriate recommendations and options.

Based in Amersham, we are well placed to serve the county of Buckinghamshire and beyond with our professional hedge trimming service.