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Reducing Overhanging Branches – Gerrards Cross

This row of protected trees in our client’s garden in Gerrards Cross had been causing somewhat of a nuisance for some time. The usual complaints regarding overhanging trees close to houses generally involve light issues, leaves in gutters etc. However in this case the problem was being caused by the furry occupants of the trees. The local squirrel population was using the overhanging trees as a launchpad to the client’s loft, where as you can imagine they were causing a bit of damage and disturbance.

Cutting back the side branches with a cherry picker

With the trees being subjected to a protection order, there was a limit to the amount we were allowed to remove, so to avoid having to climb out onto the ends of some of the more fragile limbs, we used a MEWP (cherry picker) to make the job safer and more efficient. The end result was a row of trees with considerable clearance from the client’s roof.

Reducing overhanging trees from a house roof in Gerrards Cross to prevent squirrels entering loft space.

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