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Site Clearance

Efficient garden clearances and commercial site clearances in Amersham and High Wycombe, and across Buckinghamshire & Hertfordshire

Expert Garden and Site Clearances

At Quill Hall Arboriculture, we’re experts in both garden clearances for homes as well as site clearances for commercial clients. We’re able to offer a complete and comprehensive service to leave your site clear of vegetation, allowing it to be prepared for future development and construction, or to simply give you more space in your garden and to clear away debris.

Our site clearances include the removal of vegetation and scrub, such as hazardous and unwanted plants, weeds and invasive species. As well as vegetation clearance, we can also carry out tree felling and tree stump removal through stump grinding.

All waste can be removed from your garden or site on request, where it will be recycled as firewood or wood chippings, to be used as mulch or to supply power stations.


Site Clearances in Amersham and High Wycombe

If you have a site in Buckinghamshire or Hertfordshire that requires clearing of vegetation, problem trees and tree stumps, look no further than Quill Hall Arboriculture. We offer our site clearance services in a range of areas; from towns like Amersham, High Wycombe and Marlow to villages such as Farnham Royal and Gerrards Cross.

In addition to site clearances, we also offer a range of services for both homes and businesses. They include tree felling and removal, tree pruning, tree surveys, hedge trimming and stump grinding.


Site Clearance FAQs

How long does site clearance take?

The time taken to clear a site will depend on two main factors: the size of the site, and the amount that needs to be cleared. For example, a small residential garden that needs vegetation clearance will take less time than a commercial site clearance where trees are felled and tree stumps need to be removed.

How much does site clearance cost?

The cost of site clearance depends on a range of factors, including the size of the site requiring clearance, the work required, and how easy it is to carry out. Tall and damaged trees would require more expertise and take longer to clear, which would be more than a small garden where everything is smaller, easier to access, and easier to manage.

What can you take away in a site clearance?

In our site and garden clearances, we can take away any vegetation, scrub, wood and natural garden waste as a result of clearing the site from problem plants and trees. Anything that’s taken away is either reused or allowed to decompose.