Tree Surgery FAQs

What is tree surgery?

Tree surgery, commonly known as arboriculture, is the art of maintaining and caring for trees to ensure they remain healthy and safe. There are many aspects that go into arboriculture, including pruning, felling and removal, stump grinding and tree surveys. Arboriculturalists will also offer other related services such as hedge trimming, vegetation clearance and grounds maintenance.

Should I hire a professional tree surgeon?

Tree surgeons have the expertise and experience in carrying out a range of arboricultural tasks in a safe and efficient manner, minimising the risk of accidents to people or damage to property. They possess the necessary equipment to carry out a job to a high level of quality and safety, as well as using their years of experience to complete each job efficiently.

How much does tree surgery cost?

The cost of tree surgery can vary, and it depends on several factors such as the size of the job, the nature of it and how complex it is. For example, pruning a tree will cost less than a whole tree being removed, but several tall trees being pruned would increase the cost. With every job being unique, the best way to find out the price to resolve your issue would be to contact Quill Hall directly for a no-obligation quote.

Do I need permission to prune or fell my tree?

Some trees may have a Tree Protection Order (TPO), which would have been put in place by a local planning authority. It’s normally given if a tree is culturally or significantly important to the local area. This order can include protection for removal, trimming, topping or other damage; where fines of up to £20,000 can be issued. You can find out from your local authority whether your tree has a TPO, or you can ask a tree surgeon to look into it before work is started.

Do you remove tree waste?

At Quill Hall we recognise the importance of having a clean and tidy garden after your tree is taken care of. It’s why we clear any arboricultural waste away with us and have it recycled. However, if you do want to keep any pieces of wood then we arrange this. If you’re having your tree stump grinded, wood chips will be produced by the grinding machine. These can be kept or taken away, depending on your preference.

Are Quill Hall Arboriculture fully-insured?

At Quill Hall Arboriculture, we’re fully-insured with comprehensive liability insurance to ensure you’re protected in the unlikely event of an accident or property damage during our tree surgery operations. We also make sure that our equipment is safe and secure in order to minimise risk.