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Tree Care In Spring

With the days gradually getting longer, and the weather starting to warm to double-figure temperatures, spring is not too far around the corner. With the arrival of spring also means the re-awakening of plant life in your garden, including trees. With everything jumping back into life in the next few weeks and months, now’s a better time than any to carry out some much needed tree maintenance. So what tree care can you carry out in spring.

Clear Away Any Debris

Over the course of the winter, you may not have spent much time in your garden. However, with the weather getting warmer, now’s the time to clear away any tree debris that may have gathered in the past few weeks or months. This could be fallen twigs and smaller branches from storms or high winds, or any leaves that have yet to be raked away.

For any large items of debris that need to be cleared, such as heavy branches and even whole trees, it’s recommended to seek the help of an experienced tree surgeon.

For newer trees, you should also look to remove any weeds and competing plants such as ivy from around the base of the tree. Competing for resources can lead to slower growth, and they can also trap moisture around the base of the tree, the perfect breeding ground for fungus and other tree diseases.

Inspect Your Trees

Spring is a good time to check the health of your trees, being able to identify any tree issues before blossom and leaves potentially obscure your view. If you know what to look for, you should be checking for things like dead wood and lesions on the bark or leaves.

If the leaves have started to grow back, you should be able to identify any areas where leaves aren’t growing, which could be a sign of a tree disease like ash dieback, or that those branches are dead.

If you find any damaged, dying or overhanging branches; then you should look to have them removed by a trusted tree surgeon, who will ensure the tree pruning is as efficient as possible and beneficial to the tree’s health. Tree surgeons can also carry out tree surveys to check the health of your trees, and are experts at spotting specific tree diseases and reducing their spread.

Plant New Trees

If you’re looking to make bold changes to your garden, something you can implement is the addition of a tree to your green space. There are numerous benefits to planting a tree in your garden; it can offer shade, add a level of beauty, support wildlife and also turn carbon dioxide into oxygen.

For new and young trees, you should ensure that they have enough water to grow effectively, where the soil 4-6 inches underground should be moist but not wet. This will encourage the tree to grow robust roots deep underground instead of surface-level ones.

The best time to plant your tree is in winter or early spring, allowing your new tree to be in place before the blooming season comes around. A temperate summer following spring will also help your tree to grow and mature, rather than planting it in autumn before trees go dormant.

Tree Care With Quill Hall Arboriculture

Quill Hall Arboriculture can be your trusted tree surgeon, working with you to ensure any problems your tree faces are taken care of. We can carry out a range of arboricultural services in Amersham and across the counties of Buckinghamshire and Hertfordshire for both homes and businesses; including tree pruning and shaping, tree felling, stump removal and tree surveys.