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How To Resolve Fallen Trees From Storm Damage

With storms and strong weather becoming more and more common in the UK, the impact on people has been well documented, but the impact it’s also having on flora such as trees is significant. Whilst trees are an important part of the ecosystem, they can also pose a hazard, which can be realised during strong weather events such as high winds, heavy rains and storms. If the worst comes to pass, and a tree is blown over or damaged during the storm, then there are ways these problems can be managed.

Removing Fallen Trees

The worst thing to happen to a tree during a storm is for it to fall, which can be a regular occurrence during storms. This will usually come from an older or unhealthy tree, but even the strongest storms can fell a healthy tree. An entire tree can be felled by being uprooted, or part of a tree can fall leaving the trunk or large branches on the ground.

A fallen tree itself can cause a big hazard to people, buildings and cars nearby; which in the worst cases can be fatal. As well as causing costly damage when falling, fallen trees can cause major obstructions when on the ground, blocking roads and pavements. The best way to have a fallen tree removed efficiently and quickly is by using an experienced arborist to ensure it’s removed safely using the correct equipment.

Tree Pruning For Minor Damage

Whilst a fallen tree is the most serious thing to happen to a tree in a storm, there may be other tree issues you need resolving during a storm. If only part of a tree has been damaged but it’s still upright, it may require pruning to remove any damaged branches. Or if the trunk has been compromised, a large section of the tree may have to be removed to keep the area around the tree safe.

If a tree has been felled leaving behind a tree stump or a part of a tree left in the ground, then it may require sectional felling and also stump grinding to remove the tree stump from the ground.

Take Preventative Steps

Even when there isn’t a storm, there are preventative measures you can put in place to reduce the risks of a tree posing a risk during a storm. Healthy trees are a lot less likely to be felled or damaged during a storm, so the first step you can take is to ensure your trees are healthy by keeping them regularly maintained and checking them for tree diseases.

In the instances where they are dying, damaged or diseased; you should look to have these problems resolved by a qualified arborist to ensure these don’t lead to a fallen tree during a storm. Not only can this save money by preventing damage to nearby cars and buildings, but it can also prevent injuries and save lives.

Regular tree pruning can ensure that any excess branches are removed and that the tree’s canopy isn’t excessively large, reducing the risk of branches being damaged during the storm, and being ripped from the tree and posing a risk to people and places nearby.

Fallen Tree Removal in Amersham

With storms battering Amersham and the surrounding areas in Buckinghamshire and Hertfordshire, we’re being called out to a number of fallen and storm damaged trees. We have years of experience resolving tree problems caused by storm damage; and can resolve a wide range of issues including removing the tree, pruning problem branches and removing tree stumps.

Quill Hall Arboriculture are based in Amersham but we operate across Buckinghamshire and Hertfordshire; including High Wycombe, Marlow, Cookham, Gerrards Cross, Farnham Royal and Beaconsfield.