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Garden Clearance in High Wycombe

Gardens are often planted with the best of intentions but some years down the road once everything is established things can end up looking quite a bit different. This is what our client was faced with when purchasing a new home in High Wycombe. What appeared to be quite a small plot was overgrown with a selection of conifers, fruit trees, and other smaller shrubs.

What our client wanted was a clean slate so that the garden could be landscaped from scratch. A complete garden clearance of this house in High Wycombe was crucial before a pen could even be put to paper to design the new garden layout.

Trees quickly encroach on a garden when left unmanaged

As can be seen from the before and after images, the difference the garden clearance made was astonishing. The client able to visualise the actual size of his plot for the first time, in fact where the garden ended had up till now been guesswork! The trees on either side of the garden had encroached between 2-3m.

Garden clearance of trees in High Wycombe

The site was left clean and tidy for the landscapers to begin their work, with all the stumps removed and ready for the new hard and soft landscaping features. A few smaller trees were retained, along with some boundary trees at the far end of the plot.