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Why Do I Need to Trim My Tree?

Tree trimming is important for various reasons. Damaged branches can be a safety hazard to you and your family, neighbours and anyone nearby. Not only does an overgrown tree cause safety issues, but it’s also unattractive and can impact the aesthetics of your home.

Why is Tree Trimming so Important?

Remove Dangerous and Defective Branches

Trees with dead or damaged branches can be quite dangerous. When strong winds occur, damaged branches can snap and fall onto anything below whether that be you, your family, your neighbours or anyone passing beneath. Not only does this pose a threat to people, but surrounding property is also at risk.

Tree branches can get very heavy and if they were to fall onto a vehicle, an incident could be catastrophic. Branches that are hanging over a roof can also damage electrical lines if they were to break, which brings other serious risks such as electrocution and fires into the picture.

These risks aren’t only at play with bad weather; damaged branches can snap at any time, which is why removing deflective branches is so important.

Untreated damaged tree branches can also cause the overall health of the tree to decline. This is due to the structure of the tree weakening which can cause an imbalanced canopy, damaging the tree even further. Open wounds on damaged branches can also be entry points for pathogens, increasing the chances that the tree becomes infected.

Overhanging Branches into Other Properties

Branches that are growing into your neighbour’s garden should also be pruned. If an overgrown branch – coming from a tree on your property – snaps and falls into your neighbour’s garden, then you are liable for any damage. A snapped branch due to heavy winds can cause damage to their fence, garden structure, roof or car. To avoid this from being an issue, we recommend getting your tree pruned when it becomes overgrown and overhangs into neighbouring properties.

Another reason why you should look to hire a tree trimming expert when branches are growing into your neighbour’s property is to foster a friendly relationship with your neighbours.

If a tree encroaches into a neighbouring property, they’re well within their rights to trim back the tree to the boundary line – no matter visible or invisible – and charge you for the costs. As the tree owner, it’s your responsibility to ensure the tree doesn’t bother neighbouring properties and residents, so being proactive and dealing with the issue of an overhanging tree can keep everyone in your vicinity happy.

Aesthetics of an Overgrown Tree

Having a well-cared for, appealing tree makes a huge difference to the aesthetic of your home and garden. Pruning your tree will remove any dead leaves, or branches and will shape the tree, giving it a more attractive appearance, and enhancing the beauty of your landscape.

Whether you own one tree or a collection of trees, trimming your tree for aesthetic reasons can have a big impact on the overall look of your garden, especially considering their size and the way they dominate the landscape.

How Quill Hall Arboriculture Can Help With Tree Pruning

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