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Trimming Your Tree in Autumn and Winter

With Autumn in full effect and winter soon to follow, it’s a better time than to have work carried out on your trees. At this time of year, your trees might need a bit of a trim or in some cases could even require removal. So why are autumn and winter the best seasons for tree work, and what should you be looking to have done?

Tree Trimming With Fewer Obstructions

If you attempt to trim your tree in the spring or summer, there are many more obstructions in the way. On the tree itself, this will mainly come from the leaves, which block the view of the branches and make it harder to spot which branches need pruning and at which length.

In autumn and winter there will typically be less obstructions on the ground too, as less people will be out and about in the colder months. This is especially relevant in public spaces, such as when tree work is being carried out in a park.

Spotting Tree Problems

Because of the lack of leaves on trees in the autumn and winter, it makes it much easier to not only see the branches, but also the trunk too. Accessing the health of trees can be much easier in the colder months, such as spotting tree lesions.

If any problems are spotted, the dormancy of the tree means that diseases will spread slower and problems won’t be exacerbated as quickly as warmer months. Diseases like ash dieback and Dutch elm disease need to be treated quickly to prevent the spread of diseases onto other trees.

Prepare For The Spring

When the flowers start to bloom and the leaves start to grow back, it becomes a bit of an afterthought to trim your tree when it’s just started to flower and grow again. By carrying out tree pruning in the autumn or winter, you can prepare your trees ready for the spring, ensuring they’re in the best possible shape ready for the warmer months.

Trees are also dormant in the colder months, meaning they conserve energy and don’t grow as much. It also means that any branch reduction or removal isn’t as much of a shock to the tree, keeping it in a healthy state.

Additional Autumn and Winter Tree Surgery

As well as trimming trees, autumn and winter are great seasons for a range of tree services. Tree removal is also recommended for the colder months of the year, either through felling or sectional felling. This could be through spotting tree diseases, the tree dying or the tree being damaged through a storm.

After a tree is removed, a tree stump should also be removed through stump grinding too, allowing you to have the tree and the stump removed in full to fully prepare your garden for spring.

Expert Tree Trimming in Autumn and Winter

Pruning your overhanging or overgrown branches can be hazardous at the best of times, and with the wet and cold weather, it can also be unpleasant to try and carry out too. It’s always recommended that you call in expert arborists like Quill Hall Arboriculture, so they can safely carry out autumn and winter tree care, and efficiently trim your problem tree branches, as well as assess the overall health of your tree.

For your no-obligation quote for tree trimming or removal, get in touch with Quill Hall Arboriculture today.