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How To Tidy Your Garden

Keeping your garden neat and tidy can be a tricky job, however it can be one of the most rewarding, allowing you to have a beautiful garden for you to enjoy. With spring around the corner, and plants starting to bloom, it also means they’ll be growing quicker too. With that in mind, it’s essential to keep on top of your garden tidying to ensure that you still have an attractive, safe and usable green space. So what should you look to do?

Have A Grass Cutting Schedule

When the weather becomes warmer, it also means that the grass grows more quickly. In the winter months, overgrown grass in your garden isn’t something you need to worry much about; even if it is a little bit overgrown, you’re not as likely to use your green space in the winter versus summer.

However, when spring rolls around, you’ll also have to start rolling the lawn mower around your garden. By having a grass cutting schedule, you can ensure your grass is cut at regular intervals to keep your garden clean and usable. It’s recommended that through March to October, you should look to mow your lawn weekly or fortnightly.

For larger gardens and grounds, this may be difficult for one person to regularly maintain, especially if you have a busy work life or aren’t physically able to mow the grass. In this case, you may want to look into grounds maintenance to ensure your grass and grounds are kept up to shape with a regular schedule.

Remove Overgrown Vegetation

One thing that can easily happen in an unmaintained garden is that vegetation becomes overgrown. As well as grass, overgrown vegetation includes nettles, brambles, weeds and hedgerows and any other kind of nuisance plant life you want to remove from your garden. Depending on the severity of the overgrow, this can be a tricky and time-consuming task.

If your garden or grounds are overgrown to an unmanageable state, then it can be a long and arduous process in order to clean and clear the site to make it both attractive and usable. An efficient way around this is to acquire the help of an experienced arborist such as Quill Hall Arboriculture, who have the tools and expertise to tackle any size of overgrown garden, no matter how dense the vegetation is. As part of our site clearance service, any vegetation that we cut down can also be taken away with us, leaving you with a clear garden.

Have Trees Pruned

There are many benefits to pruning a tree; not only can pruning help to shape the tree, leaving a nice-looking silhouette, but it can also keep the tree healthy by removing problem branches and encouraging new growth. In addition to this, your trees may have started to overhang into neighbouring properties or graze your buildings, meaning pruning your trees can ensure it won’t encroach into other gardens or damage property.

If you’re a horticulturalist then you may be able to tackle some smaller trees with precision, however for the expert hand and for help with larger trees, you may want to call in experienced arborists like Quill Hall Arboriculture.

In addition to tree pruning, you may also want to have your hedges pruned and shaped to make them look attractive whilst ensuring they don’t dominate your garden space, in addition to any bushes and shrubs you may have in your garden.