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Giant Redwood Tree Removal in Beaconsfield

This Giant Redwood tree in Beaconsfield had been in decline for several years and the decision was finally made to remove it on the grounds of safety. Although it was in a prominent position and offered a high level of amenity value to the property, ultimately the potential hazard it posed to persons and property meant its removal was the only option.

The tree attained a height of well over 100ft and needed to be climbed and dismantled in sections by a trained and experienced tree surgeon. It was no simple task by any means and required significant manpower and equipment to ensure the job stayed on schedule.

After the tree was stripped of its foliage, there was adequate space to fell the trunk as one large section. All the timber from the tree remained on site, with the main stem earmarked for construction timber for the client’s barn conversion.

Removal of a large giant redwood tree in Beaconsfield.