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Annual Leylandii Trimming in Amersham

These 4 Leylandii trees in Amersham are trimmed annually by Quill Hall Arboriculture. The results speak for themselves with the trees making quite a statement as you drive into the estate.

How often should I trim leylandii conifers?

Regular trimming of conifers is essential for the best results. This is especially important in the case of Leylandii conifers. They have received much bad press over the years and have been the case of many neighbourly disputes, which have undoubtedly played a large part in the introduction of the high hedges act.

They are most commonly planted due to the speed at which they grow rather than their splendor, and this is certainly something they excel at, quickly creating a natural screen where most other hedgerow species would take several years longer to reach the same height and density. This fast-growing speed is unfortunately their biggest downfall, and if not cared for regularly they will soon overrun a small garden, which will ultimately end up with their removal.

Is one trim per year adequate?

Yes! trimming your Leylandii or other conifer tree or hedge once per year is more than adequate to keep on top of it, however, if you are attempting this yourself care should be taken to make sure it is done correctly. More often than not a homeowner trimming their own hedge might not be quite aggressive enough which will result in a small increase in size. Year after year this increase soon adds up and before you know it your hedge has reached an unmanageable size!

Leylandii can be trimmed more than once a year and if done correctly the results can be quite striking. We have several customers in Amersham who use our hedge-trimming services for the maintenance of their formal hedging, with some choosing to have 2 trims a year. The resulting hedges exhibit highly compact foliage, intricate lines, and clean crisp edges.

When is a Leylandii hedgerow considered overgrown?

This is very subjective, and will largely depend on the size of the garden it is located in. We have come across hedges in the past that have become so wide they take up half the garden. The difference it makes when they are removed is usually quite astonishing to homeowners.

Generally speaking, a Leylandii hedge can be trimmed regardless of the size, so it is technically always possible to trim a hedge. There does become a point at which any attempt to control an unruly overgrown hedge can result in something which is not particularly aesthetically pleasing, at which point a discussion needs to be had as to what the best course of action should be. Quill Hall Arboriculture are on hand to give advice on all hedge maintenance, from small hedges and topiary, to large overgrown hedgerows. Contact your Amersham hedge trimming service today for a free site visit and quotation.

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