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What’s the Difference Between Commercial and Domestic Tree Surgery?

When it comes to maintaining tree care, most property owners may not understand the difference between commercial and domestic tree surgery. While both services require the work and maintenance of a professional tree care company, the process differs in terms of use case and scale of work. Find out how the difference between these properties affects the work that needs to be performed. Discover which type of tree care service is right for you.

Commercial Tree Surgery

Tree surgery is an essential service for maintaining tree health and safety, and it can differ depending on whether it is performed in a domestic or commercial setting. Understanding and recognising these differences is important for property owners to ensure they receive the appropriate level of service that meets their specific needs. 

Commercial tree surgery typically involves large-scale projects and is directed more towards businesses, public areas, and communities. Commercial tree surgery often involves tasks such as managing trees in parks, along roadways, or near corporate properties. These projects require specialised equipment and techniques to handle significant tree populations and the unique challenges posed by urban environments. Commercial tree surgeons usually work at greater heights, work around power lines and ensure minimal disruption to the public when carrying out these tasks. Commercial tree care focuses on safety, compliance with regulations, and maintaining the functionality of public spaces.

Domestic Tree Surgery

On the other hand, domestic tree surgery is primarily focused on domestic properties. The main concerns in domestic settings are health, safety, and the appearance of trees within private gardens or land. For domestic tree surgery services, this may include tasks such as pruning, tree removal, stump grinding, and disease management. Domestic tree surgeons work in closer proximity to homes and other buildings, requiring extra care to avoid property damage.

Reasons To Hire a Tree Surgeon For Commercial Tree Care 

Hiring a professional tree surgeon for commercial tree care offers many benefits, ensuring that the trees on your business premises are healthy, safe, and visually pleasing. Here are some reasons to consider this tailored service:

Expertise and Knowledge 

Our tree surgeons are trained professionals with significant knowledge of tree biology, diseases, and best practices for tree care. They can accurately diagnose and treat tree issues, ensuring the long-term health of the trees for your commercial property.

Regulatory Compliance

Commercial properties are often subject to local regulations regarding tree maintenance and removal. Our tree surgeons are familiar with these laws and can ensure that all work carried out is compliant, helping you to avoid fines and legal issues.

Emergency Services

In the event of storm damage or other emergencies, our team can help provide prompt assistance to safely remove fallen trees or branches and mitigate further risks to the property, 

Reasons To Hire a Tree Surgeon For Domestic Tree Care 

Hiring a professional tree surgeon for domestic tree care offers a number of benefits, such as ensuring that the trees on your residential property are healthy, safe, and pretty. Here are some of the main reasons to consider our tailored service:

Disease and Pest Management

Tress, if left untreated, can suffer from various diseases and pest infestations. Our tree surgeons can identify these problems early and provide effective treatments, helping to prevent the spread of the disease and keeping your trees healthy. 

Higher Property Value

Healthy, well-maintained and attractive trees can increase the value of your property/land. Mature, and well-cared-for trees are a valuable asset that can make your home more appealing to potential buyers. 

Advice and Guidance

Our tree surgeons will provide you with valuable advice on the best types of trees for your property, where you plant them, and how to care for them. Professional guidance can help you make informed decisions when it comes to functionality and appearance.