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Utility Line Clearance in High Wycombe

Utility line clearance in High Wycombe.

Conifer reductions are never the most exciting trees to work on, but when they have 12 bt cables running through them it certainly adds a bit of a challenge to what can be quite a tedious job!

This conifer hedgerow in High Wycombe had plenty of delicate lines to avoid, but the job needed to be done urgently in preparation for the new high-speed fibre broadband installation to the properties.

Every individual branch had to be carefully cut to avoid snapping the lines, which is notoriously easy to do. All in a day’s work for Quill Hall Arboriculture though. The trees were reduced well clear of the lines allowing the bt engineers to do their job much to the delight of the residents awaiting their super fast internet!

utility line clearance of trees in High Wycombe by Quill hall Arboriculture.