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Tree Surgery in Beaconsfield

This tree surgery in Beaconsfield was carried out on a mature Oak tree on the client’s boundary hedgerow. The tree was in good health but the client wanted to allow more natural light through to the hedge and shrub beds around the garden. A sensitive reduction of approximately 2-3m was advised as the most work that needed doing to satisfy the client’s goals whilst at the same time minimising any negative impact on the tree.

As it was such a light reduction a cherry picker was used to do the work. A climber would have been able to accomplish the same job, but access allowed the use of a mobile platform which would allow us to complete the job in a shorter time frame and within the customer’s budget.

The work was carried out during the course of one day, with all pruning cuts carefully made to suitable growth points. The result was a neater and more compact tree that had still retained its natural form.