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Top Tips For Clearing an Overgrown Garden

Top Tips For Clearing an Overgrown Garden

It is the best time of the year to start clearing your overgrown garden in time for the hot weather. Having to deal with large masses of clutter and build-up of greenery can be difficult, especially if you don’t know where to start, but Quill Hall Arboriculture are specialised in site clearance, helping to get your garden back on track. 

Discover how to tackle an overgrown garden, and how to maintain your green space throughout the year, understanding all of the important aspects that a garden clean-up process involves. 

Determine Your Strategy

When it comes to carrying out a large task, it is always great to determine a strategy, helping you to navigate this task much easier. A strategy involves tasks that you need to carry out, their priority, and what you are looking to achieve by the end of it as your main goal. There are a few things to consider when you are deciding how to approach the taming of your garden: 

What is the size of your garden?

Understanding the size of your garden and how much work needs to be carried out will help you to decide how to plan your time accordingly. Of course, the larger the garden, the longer it will take, so it may be worth allocating out time or planning the time it will take to be complete, helping you to reach your goals at an expected timeframe. 

Types of methods you will use 

Depending on how long this task will take you, it will change the methods you are willing to use. Do you have the time to manually get rid of weeds and clear up the hedges, or do you need to apply weed-control products to avoid high-maintenance? 

Are you on a tight schedule? 

If you are rushing to sell or rent the property to new homeowners, you may want to consider booking a professional garden clearance with Quill Hall, where we can clear your garden in next to no time, helping you to save time, effort, and ensuring the job is performed correctly. 

What is your goal?

When creating a strategy, the purpose is to have a goal. This goal is how you are looking to picture and achieve a clean, organised garden at the end, ready for the summer holidays. Are you looking to replace your grass with a patio, or are you looking to add a flowerbed either side? There are endless opportunities to build your dream garden.

Select The Plants You Want To Keep

In order to achieve a lively garden look, start by selecting the plants that are blooming and alive, getting rid of any dead flowers or plants that may drag down the aesthetic of your garden. This will help to make room for more flowers that you are looking to plant in the future, and cover the area with bright, pretty colours. 

Remove Weeds and Rubbish

Remove sections of rubbish at a time, start with any broken furniture, fallen leaves, and overall litter and start to clear the surface. Once all rubbish is cleared from the floor, you can make a start on removing weeds, debris, and making your garden look spotless and clean. 

Trim Bushes/Hedges 

To get a minimalistic but effective look, make your garden trees/hedges neat and precise through hedge trimming. Having your garden greenery trimmed will transform the overall state of your garden, maintaining a clean and organised outdoor space.