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Scots Pine Tree Removal in Amersham

This Pine tree removal in Amersham was carried out at the customer’s request due to safety concerns. The tree had been progressively shedding limbs, and due to its location close to the customer’s house and the highway, it was removed on the grounds of safety.

Traffic management was required for this tree removal, which put added pressure on us to get the job done and the road open as quickly as possible. For this reason, we chose to use a crane with grapple saw attachment to speed the job up. There wasn’t a huge amount of foliage on the tree, but the main stem was another matter and would have taken several hours to climb and dismantle in smaller sections. Using a crane we were able to lift large sections at a time and load them straight into the back of the timber lorry, which drastically cut down on the time taken to carry out the removal.