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Crown Raising Trees in Denham

Our client had a row of trees overhanging a ménage. His aim was to reduce the number of leaves falling into the ménage as well as let more light in. Although reducing the height of the trees would have been a short-term fix, the resulting heavy regrowth would quickly have resulted in just as many if not more leaves, and certainly a denser canopy which would have blocked out even more light in a relatively short time frame.

Our recommendation was to raise the crown of the trees, or in other words, remove the lowest branches. As an alternative to reducing the entire canopy, it is often surprising the difference this can make, allowing natural light to filter through. Such work doesn’t encourage a proliferation of new shoots from the pruning cuts in the same way as reduction cuts and has the added benefit of leaving the tree looking more natural.

A cherry picker was used as it is by far the quickest method of carrying out crown raises at this height. The ménage itself had a thin membrane just beneath the layer of sand, so protective boarding was layed out to drop limbs onto.