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Beech Tree Reduction in Gerrards Cross

Beech tree reduction in Gerrards Cross carried out on what was a previously pollarded/topped tree.

The previous company who carried out the work on this tree had given it a pretty hard reduction. We wouldn’t typically recommend such work on Beech as they don’t tolerate it as well as other species. In this case, however, the tree had responded ok and had plenty of vigorous regrowth since the previous prune.

The customer wasn’t too keen on the bald look that the previous reduction had left but wanted to try and maintain a regular tree pruning cycle. As there was plenty of growth to work with, we were able to carefully select which branches to sympathetically prune. Overall this was a far lighter reduction than the previous work, but with the correct selection, we were able to develop a suitable framework to form a nice evenly balanced crown that can now be maintained at this height for the foreseeable future.